We are all familiar with the soothing relaxation of tense muscles by a massage. there are obvious explanations for these processes inside the muscles, blood vessels and nerve fibres. In the body, there are two circulatory systems. the bloodstream, starting from the heart, supplies nutrients to the brain, organs and muscular system, whilst the lymphatic system ensures that metabolic products, dross and toxins can be washed out of the body.If the immune system is attacked by infections and viruses, the first thing the doctor does is to feel the lymph nodes, as these produce defence cells and react to this strain by swelling. Every massage also stimulates this system, causes the body fluids to move, and thereby promotes the evacuation of harmful substances and the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

"Like everyone instinctively rubs a swollen and so painful or bumped part of his body or suppressed in an attempt to mitigate the damage caused by the tension of pain, so this instinctive means will have been (the massage), probably applied as a remedy at all times."
Franz Kirchberg: Handbook of massage and physiotherapy (1926)