In addition to our well known Swedish Medical TEMPUR® mattresses and to the famous American La-Z-Boy® recliners, we have the pleasure to announce the arrival of:
1- The VIP "Zero Gravity weightless recliners chairs" in premium brown and black leather and finest rich hevea wood both manual and power for rejuvenating the spine, improving blood flow and allowing deeper breathing, recommended by USA doctors, with laptop desk, cup holders and memory foam kit.
2- The medical full body "Massage Chairs" auto program including percussion, stretching, rolling, kneading, compression, foot and calf massage. It will soothe your mind, soul and whole body, dual motors, body map pro soft and warm air flow, using 3D orbital massage technology, in top grain black and brown fine leather.
3- The marvelous "Ijoy" massage chair including to the above features the swivel possibility for the young generation at very interesting prices in three colors: Pearl, Brown and Black.